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8th EAI International Conference on Game Theory for Networks

April 30–May 1, 2018 | Seoul, South Korea
Id Track Title Authors
275715 Main track Types of nodes and centrality measures in networks Matveenko, Vladimir<[email protected]>
275653 Main track Performance of dynamic secure routing game Song, Ju Bin<[email protected]>
275652 Main track Routing on a Ring Network Burra, Ramya<[email protected]> (Indian Institute of Science); Singh, Chandramani<[email protected]> (Indian Institute of Science); Kuri, Joy<[email protected]> (Indian Institute of Science); Altman, Eitan<[email protected]> (INRIA)
275580 Inivited papers track A Social Choice Theoretic Approach for Analyzing User Behavior in Online Streaming Mobile Applications Raveendran, Neetu<[email protected]> (University of Houston); Bian, Kaigui<[email protected]> (Peking University); Song, Lingyang<[email protected]> (Peking University); Han, Zhu<[email protected]> (University of Houston)
275539 Main track Content Sponsoring with Inter-ISP Transit Cost Satybaldy, Abylay<[email protected]>; Joo, Changhee<[email protected]> (Dr.)
275525 Main track Stackelberg Differential Game based Charging Control of Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid Xu, Haitao<[email protected]> (University of Science and Technology Beijing); Nguyen, Hung Khanh<[email protected]> (University of Houston); Zhou, Xianwei<[email protected]> (University of Science and Technology Beijing); Han, Zhu<[email protected]> (University of Houston)
275505 Main track Fault-Tolerant Hotelling Games Avin, Chen<[email protected]> (Ben Gurion University of the Negev); Cohen, Avi<[email protected]> (Weizmann Institute of Science); Lotker, Zvi<[email protected]> (Ben Gurion University of the Negev); Peleg, David<[email protected]> (Weizmann Institute of Science)
275483 Main track Stable and Efficient Structures for the Content Production and Consumption in Information Communities Zhang, Larry Yueli<[email protected]> (University of Toronto); Marbach, Peter<[email protected]> (University of Toronto)
275469 Main track Day-Ahead Demand Management in Multi-Supplier Power Grid under Transmission Constraints Popov, IvanV.<[email protected]> (Control Methods and Robotics, TU Darmstadt); Krylatov, AlexanderYu.<[email protected]> (Saint Petersburg State University); Zakharov, VictorV.<[email protected]> (Saint Petersburg State University); Lejnina, ElenaA.<[email protected]> (Saint Petersburg State University)
275439 Main track Social Coordination and Constrained Interaction Under Heterogeneous Zeng, Qingchao<[email protected]> (15652915821)
275381 Main track Enhanced Design of Stochastic Defense System with Mixed Game Strategies Kim, Song-Kyoo<[email protected]>
275365 Main track The Time-Consistent Shapley Value for Two-Stage Network Games with Pairwise Interactions Bulgakova, Mariia<[email protected]> (Saint-Petersburg State University); Petrosyan, Leon<[email protected]> (Saint-Petersburg State University); Sedakov, Artem<[email protected]> (Saint-Petersburg State University)
274926 Main track Finite Memory Strategy in Special Buechi Games Ab Ghani, Ahmad Termimi<[email protected]>